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"Loved the book, I couldn't stop reading it. Great job! A lot of women can relate to it, including myself. Although I'm not a single mother anymore I started off as one and I definitely know the struggle of doing it by yourself."


"Wow! Wow! Wow! On chapter 21 now. I am so emotional right now."


"On Chapter 21 and I just can't stop reading. Dasharra Bridges you are such a strong woman. "Journey of a Single Mother," is so inspiring!"


"This book is awesome and it was well worth me waiting for it. I already knew it was going to be awesome before I purchased my copy but it's even better now. I love and appreciate a strong woman who is down to earth but still gives jobs to God. I will not reveal too much details, get your copy today!"


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Meet The Author


Dasharra Bridges

Founder of JOASM which advocates

for single mothers and women who been through Abuse and Trauma. Dasharra

was born and raised in the city of Rochester, New York, where she was voted Best Author.

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