Becoming a Single Mom Twice

Six years ago I birthed my second child. I was hurt that I was now having another baby from another failed relationship. I remember the feeling of rejection and abandonment when I would go to all my doctor visits alone. I hated that I was a single mom again. Having to go through the stages of childbirth by myself, made me feel unwanted and inadequate. All I can remember is being ashamed, I didn’t have hope and I never felt peace.

I would think things like; How could I make the same mistake twice? Why did I choose to have another child and I’m not married? Why did I believe a man that told me he would never leave me or hurt me? I remember wanting to get rid of my child because of all of these feelings. I just didn’t want to raise a child alone again. What do you do when you have been with a man that say’s he loves you but then you find out he is living a double life?

As I look at my life now I can say I was naive and I made irrational decision. Back then when I was going through this pain I didn’t know that my son would be one of the biggest blessings in my life, the one that brought me joy. I didn’t know that my pain of being a single mom would result in me creating a brand that will empower women to tell their truth and not be ashamed of their past.

Everything had to happen and it made me the beautiful, strong, confident woman I am today. Do you have past trauma that you still deal with and want to conquer? What are some of the things you have overcame? Take some time and think about how your life has changed in the last 5 years. To all my single moms out there, please know that you are enough! You are worthy, you deserve to be loved! Never let anyone tell you different!

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