What is celibacy? Celibacy means you are abstaining from sexual relations

until marriage. I know what your thinking, "why would I stop having sex." I get it, believe me, I know it is a challenge to wait. If you are someone like myself you desire to be married one day. You may have just not met the right one for you or you may have been dating wrong. What do I mean by dating wrong? Often times we get into these relationships with people and we end up giving ourselves to them (sexual relations) and when we do this we now began to see things completely different. Let me give you an example. You are the type of person that will never date a liar, things are going good with the person you are dating and you end up having having sex. Now you realize that the person you are have been dating is beginning to lie so much and do things that you honestly would never put up with, but because you already gave yourself to this person you stay anyway. Warning signs were all over the place but because you two have already had relations with each other you now will accept certain behaviors and patterns that you would typically never accept form a partner.

Maybe you are someone who has been in a longterm relationship and your truly in love with your partner. You are the the best woman you can be for your man, you cook, clean, honor and respect your man, you make sure you are satisfying him in the bedroom and you even gave him a kid or two; but this man still won't marry you. Why is that, I can only speak from experience and I had to ask myself the same question. Then I thought about the old saying, "Why buy a cow if you can get the milk for free." We get into these relationship and give our all to someone who has never made a commitment before God to make us their wife. We give them all the benefits from a wife without the actual title. Why would this man feel the need to actually marry you when he has already gotten everything for free, he has everything he wants without the commitment. If this is you and you want to know if your partner loves you tell him you want to stop having sex until you both get married. If he loves you he will marry you, if he start acting up, realize that he is just not that into you.

Being celibate is something you should do for yourself and it should help you get closer to God. This will help you stay away from the fakes and help you wait on the one that God truly has for you because you are not waisting time with the wrong one. Not having sex will give you clarity on who you are really dating and you won't be blinded by lust.

If you would like to join this celibacy challenge and get weekly updates to help you sustain send an email saying CHALLENGE ACCEPTED to and if you would like a great book to read to help you build your faith, heal your heart and empower you then go get the book "Journey of a Single Mother," at this book is for all woman not just single parents, it has something that you can relate to whether you have ever gotten your heart broken, betrayed, dealt with infertility, miscarriages, depression, abuse, stalking, suicidal thoughts, poverty, lack of motivation and so much more, you need to read this book you, will be set free.


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