• Dasharra Bridges

Are You Alone On Valentines Day?

If you clicked on this blog, most likely you are single on Valentines Day! You happen to go on social media and you see all those lovely gifts and heartfelt post from couples expressing their love for each other. You go to your job and see bouquet of flowers, chocolates and teddy bears all around and you are wishing that it was your gifts from some secret admire, that has been watching you for some time now! Guess what!!! Your not Alone............. there is millions of other people feeling just like you!!

Let's take this time to think about all the benefits of being single....

1.) No pressure from gift giving..... (you get to keep money in your pocket)

OK............maybe there isn't that many benefits....... But hopefully the video attached will make you laugh and bring a smile to your face!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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