Baby Mom (Don't be bitter, Get Better)

What is the famous saying people say about a woman that is no longer with the child's father? She is bitter. That's right you guessed, that's what they say! First off let me give you the definition of the word bitter that so many people call single mothers. Bitter - (of people or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one's bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment. Now after reading this definition I am pretty sure we all have been bitter about something once before. Especially a single mother, why? Because a single mother typically has had a bad experience and/or unjust treatment.

Picture being in a loving relationship with a man for years and you two finally have a child that you both wanted. Now a few weeks go by and that man just wake up one day and says "I don't think its going to work between us, lets just be friends for our child." Now that man packs his things up and leaves you and your child alone. Now you have to take on full responsibility of that child, from paying for all clothes, food, medical, daycare expenses, hygiene products, etc. You are the parent watching the baby 24/7 no breaks, sleep deprived. You are the on that has to work two jobs just to survive, while the other parent can just leave. now wouldn't you be hurt at this bad experience because this is considered unjust treatment.

What if you have been faithful to a man for years and you are deeply in love with him. You both find out you are about to have a child, but now all of a sudden the man you are in love with says he doesn't think that child you are carrying is his. After all of those years of being faithful, he really hit you with the "I don't know if that baby is mine." Now wouldn't you be hurt or angry about this unfair treatment?

Maybe you were with someone and you both know you are not ready for a child but you continuously don't use protection. Time goes by and you both find out she is now pregnant. The woman knows she is not ready for that responsibility but she knows she has to take care of her responsibility because she choose to not use protection. But the man is saying get a abortion, I don't want to have a child by you.... Now the woman is forced to make a conscious decision on whether to kill the baby she has growing inside of her because the man told her to, or keep the baby she is carrying? Both parents new the outcome of having unprotected sex, a baby. She decides to keep the baby because she couldn't imagine killing the child God bless her with, so he decides to leave and never to be heard or seen from again. If he never wanted a child wouldn't he have used protection? They both knew the risk they were taking but the mother was the only one that has to deal with the repercussion. Now wouldn't you be hurt, angry or resentful about this bad experience?

Now you know most "Baby Moms," have the right to feel bitter just as everyone who has ever been hurt has the right to also. If you are experiencing any bitterness about your situation it's understandable, I know it hurts. You have to accept that these things did happen, yes it does hurt but you are strong! Have you ever heard of the saying, " the best revenge is success." This is true, BOSS UP on them ladies, work on you! Finish college, Start your business, get that dream job you always wanted... DON'T BE BITTER, GET BETTER! Do things that will give you and your child a better life. Focus on building yourself back up. Mommies can look pretty too.... go get your hair done, put a little make up on, make yourself feel good; you deserve it! Never let a man think he broke you down, show them that you will prevail through any and every challenge you are faced with. No matter who doesn't help you, make sure you do everything in your power to provide and nurture your child. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are courageous, and you will get through this! Always remember, "DON'T BE BITTER, GET BETTER."

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