Have you ever read a book that was so intriguing, you just couldn't put it down? Have you ever finished reading a novel and wondered what happened next? Why did the main character make a certain decision? What made the author start that book a certain way? After reading a fascinating book we are often left with so many unanswered questions....

Have you ever just wanted to get inside the head of the author? Ever thought about being able to sit down and ask the writer all of the question that roamed through your mind while reading that book? Guess what! You now have the chance to do all of these things! Make sure you come to Author Dasharra book signing in your city and she will answer all your questions. If you would like to book Dasharra for any appearances for speaking, hosting, singing, Acting, book signings etc, please email


Email: joasmtm@gmail. com with any request. Please include name of your event dates and topic, organization, dates, location, background information of audience (students, professionals, church, etc)
If Acting booking please include role, filming dates and location.